Ever heard the expression “a pen-down person”?  It’s one of the quickest ways to find yourself written off , in a meeting.

It refers to the observation that, whilst some people in meetings are busy taking notes and contributing, others put their pen down (or stop making notes on their laptop or tablet) part way through, which gives the impression of disengaging from what’s going on. 

It may seem unfair – perhaps you are giving deep consideration to a matter and have momentarily put your pen down, the better to concentrate – but it’s one of the ways in which clients and Board members size you up.

And if they see you having too many “pen-down” moments, those around you may conclude that you are not fully engaged, and you may find yourself written off. 

So stay engaged; keep holding that pen!

As always, there’s much to do and time is short  so good luck and get cracking.